What types of waste can be recycled through a Zero Waste Box™?

Our Zero Waste Boxes™ cover a large number of waste streams which are usually not recycled curbside. Our boxes can vary from very specific waste streams (e.g. backpacks and luggage) to more broad waste streams (e.g. office supplies and beverage capsules).

For more information on all the different boxes we sell, please click here. A more detailed list of accepted waste for each box can be found on each Zero Waste Box™ page. 

Please note we currently do not accept the following items in any of our Zero Waste Boxes™:

  • batteries,
  • pressurised canisters,
  • broken glass,
  • medical waste and hazardous waste (sharp, flammable, reactive, corrosive, ignitable, toxic, infectious or pathogenic) which presents a danger to the environment, or to people.

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