How can I redeem points for my chosen charity?


TerraCycle® points are credited to the accounts of private collectors and public drop-off location administrators as a reward for their collection efforts. The number of points given is determined by the total weight of the shipment. 1 TerraCycle® point is worth 1 penny. 

Once credited, the points can be redeemed into financial donations to the charity or school chosen by the owner of the points. The points must be redeemed on the TerraCycle® website.

To redeem your points as financial donations, a minimum of 1,000 points (or $10.00) is required. All points redeemed between November 1 and April 30 will be donated in June. Points redeemed between the May 1 and October 31 will be donated in January.

To redeem your points for the charity or school of your choice, simply log in to your TerraCycle® account and go to the "My Charities" tab. Once on this page, TerraCycle® offers three ways to choose a charity:

  1. Redeem your points to a TerraCycle® partner charity by clicking on "Redeem" and by choosing one of the charities from the drop-down menu. 
  2. Add the charity or school of your choice by clicking on "Add Charity". Please check if this charity is already registered on our website first by looking for the charity in the search bar at the top of the page. If you cannot find it, please fill in the fields for creating a new charity. Once completed, validate the form. If a charity appears as unapproved, please contact to have the charity validated for this organization. You will not be able to make a redemption until Customer Support is contacted. 
  3. Choose a charitable gift by clicking on "Redeem". You will find a list of charitable gifts benefiting the environment, the fight against hunger, education or the protection of children at the bottom of the page. Simply select the gift and click on "Redeem".

If you have chosen to donate to a charity (either by selecting an existing charity or by adding a new one), you must choose the number of points you wish to redeem (as a reminder, you must redeem a minimum of 1,000 points).

Check the contents of your cart and click on "Confirm" to close the transaction. Please note that we pay out donations twice annually.

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